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Personal Loan Products

Agricultural Loans:

At Bank of Edmonson County, we understand the unique financial demands of farming, and we offer a variety of financing options for land, equipment, supplies, and livestock.

Auto Loans:

We offer complete financing services on all types of automobiles, including both new and late model used cars.

Home Improvement Loans:

See us for any type of home or property improvement loan.

Boat and Recreational Loans:

Bank of Edmonson County makes all types of recreational loans: campers, boats, vans, and even loans to buy recreational equipment and supplies.

Personal Loans:

Check with us when you need a personal loan to pay taxes, medical bills, or see you through an emergency. In fact, a Bank of Edmonson County personal loan can be used to consolidate several small debts into a single monthly payment.

Construction Loans

Building a home requires the right team. Whether you’re in the market to construct your first home, or your dream home, Bank of Edmonson County can help. Our Construction Loan program offers products that cater to almost every situation, making your building project smooth and seamless, and your contractor will smile with our quick disbursement policy for approved expenses. In addition, Bank of Edmonson County will also consider financing a wide variety of other property types, including but not limited to multi-family dwellings, apartments, and office buildings.

With market-competitive rates and fees, and terms as long as 12-months with interest only collected during the construction period, you will find our Construction Loan program to be an excellent choice. Contact us today, or stop by either of our convenient locations to chat with one of our experienced loan experts for additional information about these specialized loans.

Lines of Credit:

Bank of Edmonson County offers lines of credit to both businesses and individuals. These lines of credit provide the ultimate in flexibility at a competitive rate.

Mortgage Loans:

Bank of Edmonson County understands the American Dream of home ownership. We have helped many of your neighbors finance the purchase or construction of their homes. We want to help you. Because the purchase of a home is the single most important investment most of us will ever make, a buyer needs to choose the source of financing as carefully as the construction of the house itself. We invite you to look closely at what we have to offer. We provide construction lending services and long-term mortgage loan processing.